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Exercises Level 2: Use of grammatical constructions

  Adverbs versus verbal constructions

 Note: accents have to be set to achieve a correct answer!
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Some often use adverbs are often translated with verbal constructions (even though an adverbial construction is possible). Sometimes a translation with an adverb is not possible at all.

translation with an adverb possible.
The train arrives shortly.
El tren llega dentro de poco.
El tren no tardará en llegar.

If you want to we do it again.

Si quieres, lo hacemos otra vez.
Si quieres, volvemos a hacerlo.

translation with an adverb not possible.
Hopefully he comes soon.
Espero que venga dentro de poco.
I just arrived.
Acabo de llegar.

  Translate the following sentences with verbal constructions
check or answer
Seemingly he lies.
que miente.
Do you want us to do it again.
¿Quieres que a hacerlo?
I like to travel.
Me viajar.
I just told you.
de decírtelo.
Why is he late?
¿Por qué tanto en llegar?
Usually people go to church on Sundays.
El domingo la gente ir a la iglesia.

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