Exercises Level 3: Children's songs

  ¿Dónde vas Alfonso XII? - Children's songs

  Comment about the song
The songs has a historical background. Alfons XII, son of Isabel II of Bourbon was born in 1857. The degradation of his mother led to a longer stay in France and England. In 1875 he returned to Spain. He was respected, because he married out of love and not, as his mother wished, because of strategic thoughts. The chosen one was Maria Mercedes, his cousin. The wedding was held in Januar 23, 1878 statt. Mercedes
was sick with tubercolosis, an disease that could not be healed at this time. She died on June 26, 1878. This song tells also that she was burried in Escorial. And even without the yellow press, the people was very moved.

Spanish  Text English Text
Dónde vas Alfonso XII
Wo gehst du hin Alfonso XII?

¿ Dónde vas Alfonso XII
dónde vas triste de ti?
Voy en busca de Mercedes
Que ayer tarde no la ví
Que ayer tarde no la ví

Tu Mercedes ya se ha muerto,
Muerta está que yo la ví.
Cuatro condes la llevaban
Por las calles de Madrid.
Por las calles de Madrid.

Al Escorial la llevaban
y la enterraron alli
en una caja forrada
de cristal y de marfil
de cristal y de marfil.

El paño que la cubría
era azul y carmesí
con galones de oro y plata
y claveles más de mil
y claveles más de mil.

Ya murió la flor de mayo!
Ya murió la que reinaba!
Ya murió la flor de abril
en la corte de Madrid
en la corte de Madrid.

Where do you go Alfonso XII
where do you go so sad?
I search for Mercedes,
because I didn't see her yesterday
because I didn't see her yesterday.

Your Mercedes has died
She was dead when I saw her.
Four earls carried her
through the streets of Madrid.
Through the streets of Madrid.

To the Escorial she was carried
and there she was burried
in a lined coffin
made from crystal and ivory
made from crystal and ivory.

The drapery that covered her
was blue and scarlet
with borders of gold and silver
and more than thousand carnations
and more than thousand carnations

She has died, the flower of May
She has died, who has reigned.
She has died, the flower of April
At the court of Madrid
at the court of Madrid.

  triste = sad
  ir en busca = to search, to look for
  el conde = earl
  la caja forrada = lined coffin
  el marfil = ivory
  el clavel = carnation, pink
  carmesí = scarlet