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Exercises level 3: Music by Julián Rodriguez

   Faneroque (Gran Canary Island)

  The Musicians
Faneroque are the musician Samuel Manzano, Alvaro Artiles, Dominga quantan Rivero, Ognacio Fleitas, Salvador Navarro, Néstor M. Ramos, Daniel Morales Bordón, who, bevore they were spread into all directions of the wind (Switherland, England, Germany, spain, France, Mexico etc.) came all from Gran Canary Island, where they meet several times a year. All have studied music, they play piano, guitar or sing and they care for the old Canarian traditional instruments, like the Timple. Their musical background is wide, Blues, jazz, Rock, Merengue and more. Totally different are also the following two songs we would like to present.