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Exercises Level 3: Music

  Biografie von Miroslava Martínez Rodgríguez & Cristina Rico

Miroslava Martínez Rodríguez                                                 
  born in 1980 in Mexico / Stadt
Studies of audio technics 1998 - 2003
(Instituto Politécnico Nacional,
diploma: Ingeniería en Comunicaciones y Electrónica) Studies of vocal music 1999 - 2008 (Conservatorio Nacional de Música, Abschluss: Licenciatura en Canto de Ópera)

First CD in 2003 with the band Letras Vivas,
many shows, e.g. Festival de Música (Havana), with Coro Nacional de Música in Bogotá, Eros y Tanatus (Mexico), Auftritte im mexikanischen Radio (Trova with Letras Vivas) Teacher of vocal music

Cristina Rico                                                 

- born 1965 in Elda (Alicante)

- Start of musical education at the age of 12 years
  (guitar und clarinet)
- 1989 finalized studies at the higher Conservatory of   Valencia as “Profesora de Guitarra”
- Member of the City Orchestra Benimaclet (Valencia) as
  clarinet player
- Guitar teacher at public and private schools
- Shows in Valencia, Alicante and on the Balears
- since 1992 international performances Auftritte as   Guitar   player in Europe (Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium,   The Netherlands, Portugal) and the USA (Las Vegas, New   York, Kalifornien)
- With her solid classical basis Cristina Rico turns towards   new horizons and new styles in music
- member of different bands (Afro-Brasilian Band, Duo for   mideval music)



If you are interested to book the musicians for concerts, composition, musical versions of poetry, musical arrangements, please contact Cristina Rico directly.

mobile: (0049) 0152 02 75 32 95