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Exercises Level 3: Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (1893-1921)

  La cruz del diablo (Devil's Cross)

This text is very difficult to understand. The sentence structures are complicated, which probably makes it necessary to listen to it a couple of times. Don't worry, the given vocabulary helps to understand the main meaning of the text.

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Texto  español English text
  Que lo crea o no, me importa bien poco.
Mi abuelo se lo narró a mi padre;
mi padre me lo ha referido a mí, y yo te lo cuento ahora, siquiera no sea más que por pasar el rato.
  That he believes it or not, it is important for me small well.
My grandfather narrated it to my father;
my father has recounted it to me, and I tell it to you now, even do not be any more than for spending the moment.

  me importa bien poco
pasar el rato
  = I do not care much
= to tell
= even though
= as pastime