Table of contents Chapter 20 20.17 to want to (querer)

Chapter 20: Modal verbs (Auxiliaries)

  20.17 to want to (querer)

To want to (= querer) can be full verb or a modal verb. To say I want to sounds kind of impolite and hard. In English the more common form is I would like to. The Spanish are more direct they say quiero.

  Example for querer as full verb

common: I would like to have 200 g of cheese.
uncommon: I want to have 200 g of cheese.

  Spanish use to want to

as full verb:

Quiero un pedazo de queso. = I want to / would like to have a piece of cheese.
Quiero un café con leche. = I want to / would like to get a coffee with milk.

as modal verb:

No quiere hacerlo. = He doesn't want to do it.
Quiere nadar. = He wants to swim.