Table of contents Chapter 2 2.5 Neutral article

Chapter 2: Articles and formation of plurals

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  2.5 Neutral article in Spanish  

There is no neutral thing in the Spanish language. Everything is either feminine or masculine. Still there is a neutral article - What for? The neutral article lo forms a noun from an adjective. It is a generalisation like in English combination of the + adjective.

bueno = good 
lo bueno = the good 
lo bueno en ese caso es … = the good in this case is

malo = bad 
lo malo = the bad  
lo malo en ese caso es … = the bad in this case is

hermoso = beautiful 
lo hermoso = the beautiful 
lo hermoso con esa chica es… = the beautiful with this girl is ...  

raro = weird, strange 
lo raro = the weird, the strange 

lo raro es ... = the weird / the strange (thing) is ...