Table of contents Chapter 3 3.4 Verbs ending with -ir

Chapter 3: Verbs

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  3.4 Verbs ending with -ir

The second verb type is the one ending with -ir. Here again are regular and irregular forms. We will start with the regular ones.

Again we need to find the stem of the verb that is done by removing the standard verb ending of the infinite (not changed) form. The stem of recibir (to receive) is recib (-ir was removed). Then the conjugate endings are put in place:

yo -o nosotros / nosotras -imos
-es vosotros / vosotras -ís
él, ella -e ellos / ellas -en

  Now you take the stem and form the conjugation by using the right endings:
  yo recibo
  tú recibes
  él recibe
  ella recibe
  nosotros recibimos
  nosotras recibimos
  vosotros recibís
  vosotras recibís
  ellos reciben
  ellas reciben
I receive
you receive
he receives
she receives
we receive (masculine)
we receive (feminine)
you receive (masculine)
you receive(feminine)
they receive (masculine)
they receive (feminine)