Video 015 :: Explanations :: Grammar: Vocabulary

Señorita = Madame (actually little Madam. This form was used in last century to denominate umarried women. Nowadays it is only used in an ironic sense.)
Gracias = Thank you
¡Qué guapo es! = He is really beautiful. (literal: How beautiful he is.)

Interrogative pronouns in exclamatory sentences: 16_9_interrogative_pronouns_exclamations.htm

¡es guapísimo! =He looks very good (literal: He is very beautiful)

es guapísimo este camarero = The waiter is very beautiful
me encanta = I like him
¡Camarero! ¡Camarero! = waiter! waiter!
¿Me trae la cuenta por favor? = Can I get the bill please? (literal: Do you bring me the bill please.)
¡Camarero! = Waiter!
Qiga! Que tengo prisa = Listen! I am in a hurry!!
¿Me trae la cuenta, por favor? = Can I get the bill please?
Gracias = Thank you