Video 015 :: Explanations :: Grammar: Vocabulary

Vale, vale = alright, alright
Así quedamos, en que yo compro el vodka. = alright, let's do it like that (literal: we remain like that), I buy the vodka.

y tú  compras la sangría y el tinto de verano. = and you buy the sangría and the red (vine) of sumer (a mixture of vine and lemon juice)
tenemos chupitos de tequila, de vodka = For spirits we have then tequila and vodka

This author would say that the term chupito is only used in Spain and not in South America. All the people showing up in the video are Spaniards.

más... cuántos? Diez, diez litros. Vale! = many? Ten, ten liter. Alright!
Vale, diez litros de sangría = Ok, ten liter of sangría.
Bueno, qué bien. ¡Qué bien la vamos a pasar! = Good, fantastic (literal:how good). We will have a great time. (literal: How good we will pass it.)
Bueno, vale, te dejo, ahora le digo a Oscar que se vista y nos vamos de fiesta
= Alright, well (literal: it's valid), I leave you (literal: I let you), now I will say to Oscar to get dressed and that we go to a party.
¡Venga, chau! = Alright (literal: come), ciao

Venga in this context is only used in Spain. It can be translated with "come on". 'Come on' is used if someone doesn't want to do something to motivate him. Venga, congiuntive third person, singular, present means just alright.

Oscar, corre, vístete, que nos vamos de fiesta = Oscar, let's go (literal: run), get dressed, we go to a party.
Ay, no puedo, no puedo... = Ah, I can't, I can't
No sabes lo que me ocurrió ayer... = You don't know what happened to me yesterday.
Ayer salimos de fiesta con los amigos = Yesterday we went to a party with some friends.
¿Y qué pasó? = And what happened?
y me tomé diez tintos de verano = I drank ten (glasses) of red (vine) of summer.
en aquella discoteca tan famosa. Y me duele muchísimo la cabeza = in this disco which is so famous. And now I have a headache (literal: My head hurts.)
No pasa nada yo te llevo ahora agua. Voy a buscar agua, ¿vale? = That's no big issue (literal: nothing happens). I bring you water, ok? (literal: I will look for water.)
Te duchas y nos vamos = You take a shower and we go. D
Venga, ¡corre! ¡Corre! = Let's go, let'S go. (literal: run! run!)
Dame diez minutos solo = Give ten minutes.

add a personalpronoun to the imperative

Venga,¡ corre! ¡Corre! = Let's go, let's go.