Exercises Level 3: Songs for jump rope

  El cocherito - Songs for jump rope

This is a song for skilled jump-rope players. Not only that there are the two children swinging the rope and one jumping it, but also other kids jump in and out. Additionally, as an extra difficulty with every leré the child jumping has to cower and the rope will go over its head. The child that gets caught by the rope has to leave the game.

Spanish  Text English Text
El cocherito
The little car

El cocherito, leré
me dijo anoche, leré
que si quería, leré
montar en coche, leré

Y yo le dije, leré
con gran salero, leré
no quiero coche, leré
que me mareo, leré

El nombre de María
que cinco letras tiene
la M,
la A,
la R
la I,
la A:

The little car, leré
told me yesterday, leré
whether I wanted, leré
get into the car, leré

And I told it, leré
gracefully, leré
I don't want a car, leré
because I will be sick, leré

The name of Maria
has five letters
the M,
the A,
the R,
the I,
the A:

  el cocherito = little car
  el coche = car
  anoche = evening
  montar = to mount
  el salero = grace
  el mareo = sickness
  la letra = letter