Exercises Level 3: Songs for jump rope

  La reina de los mares - Songs for jump rope

The trick in this game is that the child not only jumps the rope but also let a handkerchief fall down and picks it up again. Whenever they sing
tiro mi pañuelo al suelo => the child lets the handkerchief fall down
y lo vuelvo a recoger a recoger => the child picks it up again.
The child that gets caught in the rop has to leave the game. At one point only one is left and has won the game.

Spanish  Text English Text
La reina de los mares
The Queen of the seas

Soy la reina de los mares;
y ustedes lo van a ver,
lo van a ver
tiro mi pañuelo al suelo
y lo vuelvo a recoger
a recoger
Pañuelito, pañuelito,
quién te pudiera tener
tener, tener
guardadito en un bolsillo
como un pliego de papel
papel, papel

I am the queen of the seas
and you will see
you will see
I throw my handkerchief to the floor
and pick it up again
and pick it up again.
Handkerchief, handkerchief
who could have you
have you, have you
guarded in a bag
like a piece of paper
paper, paper

  la reina = queen
  el mar = sea
  ver = to see
  el pañuelo = handkerchief
  recoger = to pick something up (again)
  tener = to have
  el pliego = sheet, piece of paper