Exercises Level 3: Songs for learning

  Tengo una muñeca - Songs for learning

  Comment about this song
The aim of the song is to teach children counting.

Spanish  Text English Text
Tengo una muñeca
I have a doll

Tengo una muñeca
vestida de azul,
con su camisita
y su canesú.
La saqué a paseo
se me constipó,
la tengo en la cama
con mucho dolor.
Esta mañanita
me ha dicho el doctor
que le dé jarabe
con un tenedor.
Dos y dos son cuatro,
cuatro y dos son seis,
seis y dos son ocho
y ocho, dieciséis.
Y ocho, veinticuatro
y ocho, treinta y dos.
Ánimas benditas,
me arrodillo yo.

I have a doll,
dressed in blue
with her shirt
and her bodice.
I go for a walk with her
and she gets a cold
I have her in bed
with lots of pain.
This morning
the doctor told me
I should give her treacle
with a fork.
Two and two is four,
four and two is six,
six and two is eight,
and eight is sixteen.
And eight, twenty-four
and eight, thirty-two
Poor souls
and I kneel down.

  la muñeca = doll
  vestida = dressed
  la camisa = shirt
  canesú = embroiderment on shirts, bodice
  constiparse = to catch a cold
  el jarabe = treacle, sirup
  la mañana = morning
  el tenedor = fork
  arrodillarse = to kneel down