Exercises Level 3: Songs with games

  Anton pirulero - Songs with games


There are different versions how this game can be played:
version 1
The children sit in a circle and one of them is Antón Pirulero (chosen by a counting-out rhyme). The children are pretending to play an instrument of their choice. Antón Pirulero first tipps his chin and then he imitates an instrument. The one, who initially has played this instrument has to tip his chin. If he misses to do so he will be Antón Pirulero.
version 2
Again the children sit in a circle and one of them is Antón Pirulero. The children choose a profession and imitate typical activities of this profession. The song is sung. At the end Antón Pirulero shouts a profession. All children have to stop, except for the one with the profession that was shouted. If he stops as well, he has lost and is Antón Pirulero in the next round.
It is quite unclear where the name comes from. Some Spanish think that the name comes form pirulís or piruletas (caramel candy), others don't believe this. Another assumption is that the name comes from a word used in Kastilia and Aragon for a certain type of water can.

Spanish  Text English Text
Antón Pirulero
Anton Pirulero

Antón, Antón, Antón Pirulero
cada cual, cada cual,
que atienda su juego,
y el que no lo atienda
pagará una prenda ...

Anton, Anton, Anton Pirulero,
everyone, everyone
pays attention on his game
and who does not pay attention
will pay a pawn ...

  atender = to pay attention
  la prenda = pawn
  pagar = to pay