Exercises Level 3: Songs with games

  Gallinita ciega - Songs with games


A child that was chosen beforehand gets the eyes blindfolded. Between the group and the child there is this dialogue.
group: Blind chicken, what have you lost?
blindfolded child: a needle and a thimble
group: Then turn three times and you will find them. Then the child tries to catch one of the other children. The other children must not move. When the blindfolded child has found another one, he (or she) has to try to find out who it is. If it is successful the caught child will be gallinita ciega

Spanish  Text English Text
Gallinita ciega
Blind little chicken

Gallinita ciega, que te has perdido?

Una aguja y un dedal.

Pues da tres vueltas y los encontrarás.

Una, dos y tres
y la del revés.

Blind little chicken, what have you lost?

A needle and a thimble.

Turn three times and you will find them.

One, two and three
and back.

  la gallina = chicken
  ciego = blind
  la aguja = needle
  el dedal = thimble
  dar la vuelta = to make a turn, to turn around
  perder = to lose
  encontrar = to find