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  Remarks about the zip-files

We have collected all sounds per chapter to audio-zip-files. This is not to be understood as complete audio course for Spanish, but as support for the course of this site. The idea is that you go through the grammar, get an idea about the vocabulary, and then you have to chance to take all words and sentences as mp3 with you on your way to work or whereever you have time to listen to them.

They are devided into South American Spanish and Spanish of Spain. There is a difference that is to be heard in the melody of the language, but also in the pronunciation of some of the sounds. As the continent of South America is quite huge, the dialects in all the countries are - of course - not the same. Here we have taken Columbian Spanish, which has most of the phenomenae of South American Spanish.

In case you are used to Spanish of the Iberian so you can also choose the other file. With a bit of training you can also hear the differences, however, it is important to know that the differences in words and pronunciation are not so big that you would have difficulties in understanding or being understood speaking the one in the area of the other dialect.